About Us


Owned by husband and wife Jacob and Deanna, Triple L Feed & Supply is a close-knit team with no problem working hard in the blazing Arizona heat. Jacob, a fourth-generation Arizona farmer and ASU alumnus, spearheads the farming side of our operation. Deanna manages bookkeeping and day-to-day operations, and together, they lead a team of experts determined to serve their community!

Why We’re Different

Unlike stores who externally source their feed, we grow everything ourselves (and have done so for four generations). This is fantastic for several reasons:

  1. We have complete control over where our product comes from, how it is raised, the methods used to harvest it, and the techniques used to bale it.
  2. Our entire team feeds our own animals Triple L product, so we can tell you the quality at any time of the year.
  3. Our operating costs are lower, which means we offer you incredible prices while continuing to push for high levels of excellence.
  4. We can deliver your feed to pretty much anywhere on your property. Let us do that hot, tiring work for you!

In addition to producing radically excellent feed, we invest in our beloved Marana community. Our regular animal clinics emphasize youth education, and we’re proud to offer five percent off of all our store products for kids in 4H and FFA.

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Partner With Us Today!

We work hard to benefit our local and worldwide communities, and we can benefit you, too. Whether you’re looking for animal feed, veterinary services, general farming supplies, or delivery services, Triple L Feed & Supply is your local expert. We aim to be the premier feed supply company in the area and provide farmers with an invaluable service that can’t be found anywhere else. Order feed from us or visit either of our retail locations in Marana!

We Are Your Animal Feed Partners

The same field can produce very different forages within a single year! Triple L Hay & Feed has hay down to a science, and we’re ready to support your farm with world-renowned forage and feed. Contact us with any questions today!