Alfalfa Hay Pricing

Alfalfa #1

$13.00/ bale

When you buy 25 or more!

$14 for fewer than 25 bales.

Alfalfa #2


Alfalfa Cow Hay

$9/ bale

When you buy 25 or more!

$10 for fewer than 25 bales.

Alfalfa hay and livestock

Alfalfa hay is a go-to for livestock fodder due to its high protein, calcium, vitamin, and fiber concentrations. Alfalfa is classified as a legume hay, meaning its roots live symbiotically with bacteria in the ground, which allows them to transform nitrogen in the air into plant protein.

Because alfalfa hay is so nutrient rich, it’s widely regarded as great animal feed! Our alfalfa is sure to get even your pickier animals eating, plus alfalfa will induce a heightened intake of water, keeping your horses, cows, sheep, and more healthy and hydrated, even through the summer.

However, in order to get the best alfalfa hay, it needs to be cultivated, harvested, and cured properly. If not, the value and benefits of the plant can be squandered. For instance, we always cut our alfalfa before its flowers bloom. This is because pre-bloom, alfalfa’s nutrients have not yet traveled into the flower, so the actual plant is extremely nutrient-rich and high-quality.


Triple L Feed & Supply is extremely fortunate to be in Arizona because it’s actually one of the best areas to grow alfalfa hay! The climate mixed with our intensive cultivation process allows us to get the best texture, flavor, and nutritional value in our alfalfa hay.

We usually harvest in early spring, and depending on the heat, we can cut it up to eight times — which means we have plenty of alfalfa hay to go around! In fact, we have so much alfalfa, we go to great lengths to categorize it based on grade, texture, and quality.

Our Alfalfa #1 is the finest-textured, providing the best mouthfeel and nutrient-levels for your animals. The Alfalfa #2 is a bit more coarse in terms of texture, but still a soft, nutrient-rich hay. And finally, we offer our Alfalfa Cattle hay, which is the coarsest alfalfa hay we offer. That said, it’s still a great, nutrient-fortified fodder for your livestock.

Feeding Animals Alfalfa

Since alfalfa hay is so nutrient-rich, it makes great feed for many different types of animals. What’s more, because it can provide a variety of textures and coarseness, it can be used for animals who are pickier when it comes to the mouthfeel of their meals.

That said, it’s vital that you have an understanding of your animals’ dietary and health needs when choosing a feed for them! By determining your animals’ needs, you can have an understanding of what hay, or blend of hay, is best for them! Also, if you’re changing your animals’ diet to alfalfa hay, be sure to take it slow and steady.

Changing animal feed too rapidly can result in digestive issues and bloatedness for your animals, and alfalfa’s high nutrient levels can lead to obesity if your livestock aren’t very active. We’re experts when it comes to hay, so if you have questions about what hay is best for your situation, or how you can incorporate alfalfa into your animals’ diets, we’ll be happy to help! We can either provide guidance, or direct you to a specialist who can give you better, more specific advice!

Animals that can benefit from alfalfa hay include:

  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs

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