Barn with hay in it at sunset

Tips for Optimizing Your Hay Storage

When you purchase hay from Triple L Feed and Supply, we guarantee the highest quality. But it is essential to know the steps necessary to keep your hay fresh and in good condition. Here are a few tips to optimize your hays storage.

Dry hay in the barn

Keep it Inside

Keeping hay stored in a permanent structure or underground is essential for safety reasons. If rain penetrates the bale, the moist ground may cause bale losses from the top of the bale downwards due to the rain. When hay is kept without protection from the soil underneath it, it is vulnerable to mold and deterioration due to moisture rising from the earth below.

Hay inside the barn

Store it on Pallets

You should never store hay directly on the ground, regardless of whether you have the option of doing so indoors or outdoors. Instead, stack bales on pallets to provide better air circulation to increase the hay's resistance to moisture absorption. According to some studies, surface moisture (including damp soil) may cause hay bales to deteriorate.

Close up of hay

Rotate the Hay

The ideal approach is to rotate your hay such that the newly purchased hay is at the back of the herd at all times (or bottom when stacking). Mold develops more slowly on hay that has been stored for a more extended period. One method of reducing your hay expenses is to reduce the amount of hay wasted. Older hay will be eliminated before it becomes a problem, allowing you to contribute to the preservation of new hay by preventing infection.

Hay high up in the barn

Make Sure it is Dry

If hay is too damp, it will expand owing to thermal expansion. In short, hay bales sweat as the liquid inside them warms up. A nutrient-rich bale of hay may be treated with a growth media to encourage the growth of bacteria and mold in the growth medium. Aside from removing valuable nutrients, this may make the bale unsuitable for animals. In the worst-case situation, the heat and pressure in the bale will cause it to combust. Moisture content increases risk.

Our Reputation

From its headquarters in beautiful Arizona, Triple L Feed & Supply serves customers worldwide with high-quality hay and other products. Our passion motivates us to provide superior service to our customers daily. Optimizing hay storage is very important so you can keep high-quality hay for a long time and maintain its value.