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Here at Triple L Feed & Supply, we can customize any shed or barns to fit your needs! We have recently upgraded our builders to a wonderful new company called American Barn Company. Their construction is very high quality and will last through the years! We have sheds on-site that you can explore that can then be customized further or bought as-is. Our inventory will continue to grow as ABCO grows. Sheds can be found often at both locations .For the best selection, see the lot at 10785 N. Sandario Rd., on the corner for Sandario and Avra Valley. Feel free to go on inside them and look around. Learn more about your shed options, and stop by our shop in Marana to find the shed you've been looking for or to design the perfect building to fit your needs. All paperwork and final sales are done at 13700 N Sandario Rd. in Marana.

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Benefits of Backyard Sheds

There are many benefits to having a storage shed. A lot will depend on what you plan to use it for, but in general, the benefits include storage and protection from the elements.

  • Storage - By having a place to store your tools and equipment, you'll be able to keep everything organized and accessible, which means that you'll always be able to find what you need, when you need it. The lofted barns provide overhead storage to keep things off the floor!

  • Protection from the Elements - If you don't already have a garage or carport, having a backyard shed will provide your equipment with weatherproof storage. You can also use sheds to grow temporary gardens if needed!

  • Quicker Access To Tools - No more running out in the middle of a project because you can't find what you need, or having to go through multiple boxes and piles before finding the right one.

Types Of Sheds

When it comes to sheds, your options are endless! Here are a few broad categories and types of sheds, and we can customize any of them to fit your needs!


Utility Sheds

Utility storage sheds offer an efficient and aesthetically appealing design. The barn doors open in the front, allowing you to fit large items within the shed. It's an excellent option for a backyard shed for lawn equipment or as a replacement for renting a storage unit.

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Barn-Style Sheds

Barn-style sheds are similar to gable storage sheds in that they give you large doors, but have a taller rafter design. This gives you more storage space than the gable version. You have the option of a loft for more storage space, which is great for a farm, ranch or any backyard.

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Modern Sheds

The shed that can be built as a home for your horses and animals. This is a special order shed and can be built to your needs.

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Lofted Barns With Porch

A shed with a porch offers shade during those hot summer months and protection from the rain. It's a perfect place for extra storage of camping equipment, pool toys, bikes, or tools. A shed with a porch is also a great option if you're using your shed for additional work space such as an office or art studio. It gives you a place to rest outdoors and enough room for a rocking chair or two!

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Custom Shed Ideas

You can use your shed for just about anything! It just depends on how you want to use it and what you're storing inside of it. Here are a few ideas:


Extra Living Space

Are you looking for an affordable way to expand your living space? Converting one part of the shed into an additional bedroom or office is one way to do that. You can also use your shed to host gatherings such as barbeques and parties!


Art Studio

A modern shed makes an excellent studio or art space. You can add extra ceiling lighting and wall outlets to accommodate equipment such as computers, sewing machines, and band saws.


Kid's Playhouse

If you're looking for a place to keep your kids entertained while still having room for some garden tools, consider converting part of the shed into a playhouse.



If you're looking to build muscle and stay in shape, a backyard gym can be built inside of a large shed or barn-style structure.

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