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How Technology is Changing the Hay Industry

At Triple L Feed and Supply, we use the latest technologies for hay farming. There are so many exciting things that are happening with the industry in regards to technology. See how the industry is changing and the great future for the hay industry.

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For a large part of history, farming was done with the help of an ox or other animal. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution that new tools were invented, like the tractor. With the advancement in machinery came increased productivity. Our machinery has become better and better in the new century, increasing yields and allowing mass production. Triple L Feed and Supply utilize these advancements in machinery to provide you with the highest quality hay on the market.

Farmer with computer

Digital Technology

Another exciting advancement in the hay industry is the assortment of newly available technologies. We are now able to gain information and ideas that will help the industry. It is now easy to access articles and specialist knowledge that previously would have been impossible. Communicating with scientists and other industry leaders allows for optimization and problem-solving regarding the hay industry. Learn more about how we utilize digital technology today!

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Farmers used to be thought of as country folk who didn’t learn or read much. This can not be farther from the truth. Because of ease of access, people involved in the hay industry are increasingly becoming educated in their field. Any advantages that can be obtained from education will help the farmer as well as their profits. Access to educational resources is helping revolutionize the hay industry.

Test tubes in a laboratory

Genetic Manipulation

Farmers have been selectively breeding crops so that they are suitable for the market. For example, watermelons have been genetically engineered so that they no longer have seeds in them. In all agricultural farming, it is a goal to provide the best product available. Genetic engineering can help the hay industry as well. Upgrading the hay to grow bigger or other qualities that would be beneficial are transforming the hay industry.


From its headquarters in beautiful Arizona, Triple L Feed & Supply serves customers worldwide with high-quality hay and other products. Our passion motivates us to provide superior service to our customers daily. The hay industry is changing quickly due to technology. Find out more at Triple L today!