The Importance of High-Quality Livestock Feed

The livestock industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, providing billions of people with the food they need to stay happy and healthy. And at the core of this industry are quality and dependable feed supply stores like Triple L Feed & Supply. Without a steady supply of nutritious livestock feed, farmers would not be able to take care of their animals and meet the high demands of the industry. In this blog, we’re going to break down livestock feed and show you just how important it is for farmers to have a reliable livestock feed store to work with.

Nutritional Breakdown of Livestock Feed

Just like humans, animals need the appropriate nutrients to stay healthy and provide a higher yield for the farmer. Livestock feed is broken down into six different food groups that play an important role in the animal’s health and well-being.

  • Vitamins are micronutrients that help improve the animal’s resistance to disease and works as a cofactor for enzymes.
  • Proteins are an essential component for many livestock’s diets. Protein is a macronutrient that contains nitrogen and equips the rumen microorganisms to help digest food.
  • Carbohydrates provide the main source of energy for livestock animals.
  • Water is the most critical component in livestock feed and ensures normal biochemical and physiological conditions.
  • Minerals aid with the proper growth and reproduction of the animal.
  • Fats contain a much higher yield of calories per unit in comparison to carbohydrates and are also a rich source of energy.

What Constitutes High-Quality Feed?

Although feed is the most costly part of animal production, it’s also the most important. The quality of feed you provide your livestock with will affect everything from its ability to resist disease and stay hydrated to its ability to reproduce. Low-quality feed may contain foodborne pathogens like Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Escherichia coli. Once these pathogens enter the bloodstream of livestock, they can very easily enter our bloodstreams as well. Our health is also at risk when feed contains pesticides, mycotoxins, or heavy metals. So, aside from providing each animal with the appropriate nutrients, you need to know exactly where the feed is coming from and whether or not it is safe for your livestock to be consuming.

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Unlike stores who externally source their feed, we grow everything ourselves (and have done so for four generations). We are a family-owned and operated feed supply company that is dedicated to providing farmers in the Marana area with high-quality feed and other farm supplies.

There’s no overstating how important it is to provide your livestock with quality food, especially in a place like Marana where the hot weather can cause problems for your livestock as much as it does for you. Not only do we sell feed in our two store locations, but we can deliver it and unload it anywhere you need it for your convenience. If you have any questions about our products or services, give us a call today.