Top 4 Issues Facing Farmers in the Spring of 2022

The spring of 2022 will be a time for many farmers to reflect on the challenges they faced in the winter of 2021. While spring is an exciting time of year because it means a new harvest, it's important to be prepared for the new challenges that may lie ahead come spring. Today, your friends at Triple L Feed & Supply in Marana will explore four common issues facing farmers this spring season.


Extreme Weather Conditions

The winter has been a wild mix of all types of unpredictable weather patterns here in Arizona and throughout the country. From destructive record-setting tornado outbreaks to outrageous wintertime wildfires in drought areas, there has been no shortage of extreme weather here in the U.S. and globally. This trend is likely to continue into spring as a result of climate change and warming temperatures, so it's important to be prepared for anything.


Parts Shortages

Parts shortages are becoming more and more common as the global economy continues to slow down. This is especially true for farmers, who depend on their equipment working properly in order to keep up with demanding spring planting schedules. If you find yourself unable to purchase a part needed for your tractor or other farm machinery, it may be worth considering purchasing a redundant backup system that would allow you to keep your crops growing even in the case of a critical part failure.


Supply Chain Issues

As the global economy has slowed, coupled with the ongoing shipping container crisis, so too has the flow of goods and materials around the world. This can have a major impact on farmers, who may find themselves unable to get their hands on the supplies they need in order to complete their spring planting schedule. If you are experiencing supply chain issues this year, it's important to stay calm and work with your local suppliers at Triple L Feed & Supply to find everything you need.


Increased Farmland Rents

As the U.S. economy has slowly recovered since the start of the pandemic, and demand for agricultural products has increased, farmland prices have begun to rebound. This is good news for farmers who are looking to sell their land, but it may also mean higher rents for those who are still farming on leased land.

Spring 2022 Season For Farmers

Farmers have been facing an increasing number of challenges in recent years, but that doesn't mean that the 2022 spring season can't be a time of hope and new beginnings. Just remember to stay prepared for whatever comes your way and you'll be ready for anything! Triple L Feed & Supply is here to provide you with the best prices on feed, supplies, and more to help you continue farming no matter what challenges come your way. Visit us online, or stop by one of our feed and supply stores in Marana today!