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Top 7 Issues Facing Farmers in the Fall of 2021

Arizona farms are great crop producers. Well-managed resources support the availability of fresh crops all year round. But there has never been a period in history where farmers encountered absolutely no problems with their profession. We have highlighted some of the top challenges farmers in the region currently face below:

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Climate change

More than ever before, climate change is a big challenge. Experts have predicted that it would cause a gradual decline in the flow of the Colorado River and increase the occurrence of wildfires.

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Water shortage

Water shortage is also a critical issue. Farmers are already getting used to the fact that less water may be available in the future. Hence, there’s a need to adopt more innovative and modern means of efficient water usage for farming.

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Land issues

The state owns a large percentage of the land. Farmers and ranchers are in charge of the land after reaching an agreement with the government. But due to cumbersome land regulations, they are poorly managed.



Unfair tax policy is another major source of discouragement to farmers. These policies have caused financial instability for many individual farmers.


Export issues

The trade war between the States and China has caused reduced exports and high production costs. In the past two years, there has been a drastic drop in the revenue generated from exports.



Prices of equipment and farm inputs, in general, have increased too. This contributes further to ongoing food crises. Even though Arizona is a major supplier of fruits and vegetables for the entire nation, many inhabitants do not get enough food. At least one person in every six people suffers from food insecurity.


The pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked a lot of havoc on the world’s economy. A lot of businesses were affected and are still yet to recover from their losses. Arizona farmers were affected as well. The pandemic and all the restrictions it caused adversely affected farm production and the supply chain.


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