Close up of hay

What Factors Affect Hay Losses

At Triple L Feed and Supply, we provide top-of-the-line hay for your farming needs. After you buy the hay, you want it to last; we want to give you some of the factors that affect hay loss and prevent these issues.

Red flames


When hay and straw get too moist, they may heat up and spontaneously burn. It is a strange phenomenon that having damp hay can cause a fire. The hay must be dry enough so that this problem does not occur.

Raining in a barn


Moisture may cause hay bales to deteriorate by as much as 50%, according to some studies. Having damp hay can cause the hay to decompose quickly. In these conditions, you can expect that a lot of your hay will be useless. Keeping your hay dry will make it last longer and make you avoid wasting money on hay that will be unusable.

Aphids on a wall

Pest Infestation

When you bail hay you can inadvertently pick up some pests. Aphids and other insects can damage your hay as they can damage the harvest. It is essential to examine the hay to make sure that it is pest-free. Here at Triple L Feed and Supply, we offer the highest quality bails with their quality guaranteed.

 Inside of a barn

Regulate Temperature

If hay is stored at the wrong temperature, it can become an issue. Cold temperatures can damage the hay if it becomes frostbitten. You want to make sure the hay is high enough quality so that your animals can eat it. Hot temperatures can make hay dry and brittle. If possible, try and regulate the temperature of the hay, possibly keeping it indoors in a barn.

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From its headquarters in beautiful Arizona, Triple L Feed & Supply serves customers worldwide with high-quality hay and other products. Our passion motivates us to provide superior service to our customers daily. Learning about what causes hay loss is essential for you to save money and provide food for your animals.